-Family Production- Extra Virgin Olive Oil

AristonLab, by FAZOS family, is a superior category of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is produced in the region of Crete and specifically in the village of Prina in Lasithi (Agios Nikolaos Crete). It is ideal for cooking & salad. COLD PRESSED, LOW ACIDITY (0,25)

Organic Cosmetics!

Our family has an experience over 20 years in the field of Organic Cosmetics. The majority of cosmetics have BIO Olive Oil & BIO Aloe Vera juice. All of them are certified and have fame in the region of Crete.

Handmade Cretan Olive Wood Creations

The blessed olive tree can offer special useful items. All of our olive wood creations are handmade on the island of Crete with CRETAN olive wood. Olive Wood is the best wood as do not absorb bacteria. Wash in hand!

AristonLab, a family owned company!

AristonLab is a family business. Our vision is to make AristonLab a world-famous brand that keeps the purity and the quality of the products high. We invite all of you, to visit our shop and taste our local products!

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Wooden products of Crete

Wooden Creations

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